Electronic Music Production
Electronics is committed to providing professional music production receive professional knowledge and skills of undergraduate education opportunities for the creation and production of electronic music for the career development of students. To enable students to master multi-style electronic music and contemporary forms of music production techniques, specializing in electronic music production targeted set of music creation and production related professional theoretical courses, and domestic and foreign well-known record company opened a wealth of practice course. So that students have access to independent professional guidance and experience teach, have the opportunity to participate in a large number of music production market, in order to gain a professional artistic career in the future the necessary knowledge and expertise. Students through four years of college education can be an excellent electronic music production talent, and fully meet the needs of the field of music production.
Film music
Film music professional commitment wish to movies, TV series and TV shows, and stage productions and other media artwork create music career development for students, receive professional knowledge and skills to provide undergraduate education. Through teaching, combined with the mainland, Hong Kong and foreign TV programs seminars musicians, so that students can fully understand and grasp the multi-style contemporary music, film and television music relates to the creation of a variety of musical and visual skills and media production techniques. Through four years of professional education to enhance students 'musical and dramatic sensitivity to emotional factors, culture multilateral cooperation skills of its comprehensive aesthetic and artistic ability to inspire students' creative potential of music and creativity, making the field of film and television music outstanding professionals.
Modern Instrumental Performance

Modern Music Department Modern Instrumental Performance majors include: jazz piano, jazz percussion, multiple jazz jazz bass, jazz guitar, jazz saxophone, jazz concerts, jazz trombone professional performances. Students will learn and master the basic theory and jazz basics performances, master jazz instrumental music, vocal performance professional right playing, singing methods and professional skills, comprehensive understanding and grasp the essence of traditional jazz as well as current developments in the forefront modern jazz concept. Eventually becoming a high level of professional jazz solo, ensemble, and solo improvisation abilities of young jazz musicians. And the ability to work independently jazz writing or adaptations. At the same time to become engaged in jazz education and related research work professionals.

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