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  Benoit Stasiaczyk
  Gonzalez's anthony
  Yan Miaomiao
  Xie Zehui
  Liu Tianshi
  Yi Chu
  Hildner Bastian
  Lin Chang
  Weide Bang
  Yan Ting
  Wang Zhen (External)
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China's top ten sound recordist

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Hiromi Digital Arts Teacher
Teaching and administrative staff

Qiu Jingwen

Female, lecturer, performer national levels.

Born in 1961 in Tianjin, the current secretary of the Department of modern music. September 1973 was admitted to the Shaanxi Provincial Institute of the Arts dulcimer professional under the tutelage of Professor Liu Zhang, Professor Wang Pu Yi, in 1998 admitted to the Xi'an Conservatory of Music dulcimer professional. During the school has participated in many films, TV shows to record the music part of the work. 1982 in Shaanxi Province Opera Research Institute, he served as the band performer, dance theater in 1988 transferred to Xi'an, Xi'an Municipal Government on behalf of the same year to participate in Japan's third visit to the city performances, in 1997 to participate in the 35th Festival of the Pyrenees of France, Spain, touring activities. 1998 to participate in the ancient city wall in Xi'an have large ethnic song and dance performances for the reception organized by former US President Bill Clinton, on behalf of the municipal government in 1998 once again visited a friendly visit performances in cities such as Osaka, Japan. 2000 to participate in social education for all, he won the outstanding instructor award of Xi'an Conservatory of Music. September 2002 transferred to any modern music department secretary Xinghai Conservatory of Music since.

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