Department of Leadership
Department head
Party branch secretary
Professional teachers

  Stasiaczyk benoit
  Gonzalez's anthony
  Yan Miaomiao
  Xie Zehui
  Liu Tianshi
  Yi Chu
  Hildner Bastian
  Lin Chang
  Weide Bang
  Yan Ting
  Wang Zhen (External)
Visiting experts

Composer famous music producer

China's top ten sound recordist

Visual artists in Japan,
Hiromi Digital Arts Teacher
Teaching and administrative staff

Fortunately, Zhu Xiang
  Born in 1956 in Guangdong Xingning, college degree. 1976 University graduate assigned to GWS. 1985 transferred Xinghai Conservatory of Music, a former Organization Department, Personnel Senior Staff, Senior Staff. 2005 to any modern music department, Department of Music, Party branch secretary of the Department of musical craft.

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