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Tao a street music, Associate Professor Department of Modern

Tao a street, whose real name is Tao street. Famous composer, music producer, Guangzhou Xinghai Conservatory of Music contemporary music department. Central Conservatory of Music Master. Central Conservatory of Music and acoustics, polyphonic learn first double winner of the top prize. People's Music Publishing House's first National College of Professional Computer Music Tutorial "computer music and audio applications --MIDI technology" the writer.
    Their music covered a wide surface, across a serious, national fields, film, electronic, pop, etc., in each of these areas are the creation of a large number of works. Including nearly one hundred orchestral, ethnic instrumental music, chamber music and other serious works and electronic music creation and production work and so on. In its music

Chinese freehand-style thinking, and modern art concept of combining to form a highly personalized charm romantic genre. He was awarded as "national radio broadcasting Award", selected "China Koto Classics" honor. Some representatives of works such as "Lan layers of water", "Wind hunting" in 2004 was selected as the "Chinese Ministry of Culture of professional and technical assessment to specify a song"; all kinds of musical works at home and abroad are widely staged, and CD, DVD's in the form of domestic and international distribution, it has great influence. In recent years, is the author of works on behalf of the zither, all, in a series of special programs in the form of broadcast by CCTV music channel recording, such as in July 2006, that is the theme of my works recorded broadcast "exquisitely carved - Concert zither creations "multi-stage series. At the same time there is also the creation of more than one hundred (set), such as the movie "Odyssey", the TV series "love to the end" and other well-known film and television original music; additionally for Hong Kong and mainland artists and singer pop music creation and production have Jin Baishou . Recently attention folk music and electronic music creation and research, made outstanding achievements. October 2005 as a music director, "and the blue butterfly and Electronic Guzheng Music" concert, groundbreaking art form composer, electronic music producer, staged new works as well as its ethnic music and modern electronic music industry by combining pole Great attention and highly appreciated. In February 2007, large-scale concerto by British THE POOL OF LIFE European Capital of Culture invited a series of cultural activities created by the British Royal Philharmonic Orchestra with LIVERPOOL Modern Dance Company premiered in Europe, and to bring the works to participate in the 2007-2008 year Europe organized a series of concerts activities.
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Soft and passion violent collision - butterflies and blue
    A stirring original music, soft and violent collision of passion, film composer and zither Tao a street famous Wu Li enduring works.
    "Butterflies and Blue", the song title attracted my eye, listen, just once, let me deeply worried. Repeatedly, in the heart can not help but begin to guess why the song named "Blue Butterfly and" mean?
The music is mainly played by two instruments, zither and cello. Piano zither, the East, the more clear timbre, noble, elegant, pleasant euphemism. Its clear, carved clank sounds, not like pieces like a butterfly among the flowers in the little dancing? The cello, mellow tone, broad and warm, its deep and vigorous lyrical melody, the melancholy theme song emergence is no doubt that this is synonymous with the blue melancholy. Ah, it seems the answer.
In bass cello heartily interpretation of his sadness, helplessness and leave, zither in treble fun sway her elegant, elegant and agile. Listen, understand the author wants to express the mood ......
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