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Yan Miaomiao music creation and production director of the Department
  Yan Miaomiao, female, born in 1979 in Hubei, specializing in modern music department lecturer in core subjects now Ren Xinghai Conservatory of Music. 1996 into the Wuhan Conservatory of Music Composition Department, under the tutelage of Professor Liu Jian et al., In July 2000 and obtained a bachelor's degree in September the same year was admitted to the Graduate School of Wuhan Conservatory of Music the same year became the only sound director graduate. Majoring in music sound electronic music director, supervisor Professor Liu Jian. July 2002 obtained a master's degree with honors in advance. July the same year to enter the Guangzhou Xinghai Conservatory of Music director of music sound system (formerly the Department of Modern Music) teaches today. Published several articles during the teach,

Electronic Music "moving picture sequence" was the first Chinese Electronic Music Society "Academy Award" Electronic Music Composition Competition Award, and participating in several record companies made record producer, recorded many albums, received wide acclaim. In 2006 he was awarded the title of lecturer. The work also teach students won the Excellence Award in the national electronic music composition contest. Furthermore, it has also been involved in the former job of teaching elective courses in addition to teaching, department-level teaching and research activities, and each year the student works two concerts. Especially students of outstanding works in concert held in December 2006, was well received in the hospital.
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