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Lin Chang

Now modern music department taught subjects are taught electronic music production guidance of core subjects, main subjects jazz piano, orchestration and contemporary harmonies. From the age of three in Guangzhou Xinghai Conservatory of Music less tone classes, learning basic music theory and ear training with the same period he began to learn the piano. In 1997 composer and music director of the main subject of the first sound of both parties admitted to the Guangzhou Xinghai Conservatory of Music in 2002 to outstanding graduates graduated from the Xinghai Conservatory of Music, obtaining "Composition and Composition Theory" and "Sound of music director" dual core subjects diploma and bachelor's degree. In the same year, in 2002 he admitted to the Wuhan Conservatory of Music graduate study, under the tutelage of Professor Liu studied composition and theory of composition techniques, during which a minor in music sound director of courses, such as: recording technology, composer programming software.

Academic fields:

He has published "hearing" evolution "theory - On the Aesthetics of Modern Music", "Great and small differences", "Who cares about you have no ears - an assumption about the future development of the modern music", "vector rhythm and silent rhythm - analysis of electronic music <film dance> means the creation of two "," the overall trend of spinning cone control - <four moon night> I pitch, rhythm, timbre and image analysis ", where" spinning cone shaped control the overall trend - <four moon night> I pitch, rhythm, timbre and image analysis "published in the national core journals" yellow bell. " Creations "Piano Trio" won the prize in 1999 Composition Competition "music" organized, creative work "fork hereby" won the prize in 2002 Composition Competition "music" organized in 2005 work "cycle song "won the second TMSK Liu Tianhua Chinese folk music chamber music prize competition, the organizing committee was invited to Shanghai to attend the award ceremony and the awards concert. In addition, also participated in the "side of the lake," "grab listen to me," and so on a number of sheets recording and arranging work of the CD. Guangzhou as the ins and outs Jazz Orchestra conductor, arranger and keyboard.

Lin Chang creations "song cycle"
won the 2005 TMSK Liu Tianhua Chinese folk music chamber music competition prize
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