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Benoit Stasiaczyk

Benoit STASIACZYK, Xinghai Conservatory of Music Professional Teachers' Modern Music Department, Assoc.

French, born in 1977, former French National Conservatory of Music Jazz Meizi Head of Department, Department of jazz vibraphone and percussion professor, Modern Classical Dance Art Direction by SACEM and SPEDIDAM copyright protection composer. From the 4-year-old began studying music in 1992 to enter France Meizi State Conservatory, studied with Professor Eric CHARTIER learning percussion percussion, jazz studied with Professor Mario STANTCHEV, Eric BARRET, Umberto PAGNINI , François JEANNEAU,

Jean GOBINET studied jazz piano and jazz vibraphone player. Studied with composer Joelle LEANDRE learning improvisation and contemporary music composer, has studied with composer Professor Vincent RIGOT, Francois NARBONI learn modern compositional techniques. And get percussionist graduation diploma (CFEM) in 1999, in 2000 the music school literacy silver in 2000 in chamber music exam review committee unanimously adopted and commended to give the gold medal (Médaille d'Or), 2000 Jazz music to get professional Diploma (DEM): including vibraphone played gold medal (Médaille d'Or), a combination of ensemble class, graduation diploma arranger orchestration and jazz history studies (CFEM), 2001 was awarded the Gold Award in composition ( Médaille d'Or) and Music diploma (DEM). And the State Music Teacher Diploma (DE) in 2002 (while studying in France Meizi National Academy of Music) in 1995 began in France Municipal Music School teaches jazz piano, music literacy (FM), percussion, classical piano until 2000 France entered the National Conservatory of Music Meizi teach music literacy (FM) and dance as artistic director in 2003, he served as the Department of jazz vibraphone and percussion professor, and in 2005 was appointed head of the Department for the Jazz. Since 2001 in Gérardmer Summer Music Festival (2004 is the 13th) as a jazz vibraphone, piano and ensemble conductor, composer and invited (many works).

Benoit STASIACZYK type works include chamber music composer, ensemble compositions, jazz, modern music, stage music, solo, symphony (see Benoit STASIACZYK Collections). Most of the works have premiered at major concert halls. The band was a combination of many invited its composer, in which there is a combination of the band: 'L'ensemble Stravinsky', 'L'ensemble Pyxis (Paris)', 'Quinto Centos', 'Metz Kinzeker Consort', 'Orchestre Studio (Paris)' , 'Gradus ad Musicam' (Symphony), 'Residence a l'EMAN' and so on. And released a CD that contains many of his works. He is the author of the clarinet "" Trois pièces "for the clarinet and as" to be "," Press published another "Les Cahiers du Tourdion" On ... "written for clarinet quintet" is also being published. He has also Ballet Dance, Modern Dance, Jazz Composition Department and other test tracks for the French National Conservatory of Music Meizi. He also for the students just getting started with the creation of a lot of modern music easy to understand and play work.

In 1995, began regular in France, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg and other countries for different types of music performances, such as medieval music, Renaissance music, contemporary music, jazz, etc., are also involved French pop music, rock and roll show. Has been involved in a number of well-known composers premiered, such Lanrent CUGNY works "Salamero", "OT", "The wolf"; Francois JEANNEAU works "Estramadure"; Joelle LEANDRE work "Entre nous III"; Francois NARBONI work "Les saisons"; Didier LOCKWOOD work "Souvenirs du Futur" and so on. And is a well-known band or a combination of 'Le Concert Lorrain', 'La Traditora', 'Dolce Suono' (German band), 'Syntagma', 'L'ensemble Stravinsky', 'Regis Cunin', 'Chris Beya ATOLL' (the world's leading rock band) members. From 2000 to 2003 the band A Ball Redon's direction, the band is made during the 12th century to the 15th century instrument, the main playing medieval music, Renaissance music and modern music. Large Jazz Orchestra is the province of Vosges (Big Band) music director. Also served as artistic director and music director at CD recording some of the band's compositions. Created in 2003 to Benoit STASIACZYK named band.
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