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Bastian Hildner 

Bastian Hildner, Xinghai Conservatory of Music specializing in modern music teacher. German guitar virtuoso.

He born in 1980 in Bavaria, Germany. 10-year-old began studying classical guitar. 1995 under the tutelage of famous German guitarist Augustin Wiedemann learning. Dusseldorf, Germany in 2000 into the Robert Schumann Conservatory with Professor world-renowned guitar master Joaquin Clerch learning. And in 2006 he obtained a master's degree and master's degree in guitar playing music education. During the study follow a number of world-renowned guitar virtuoso study: David Russel, Eliot Fisk, Aniello Desiderio, Carlo Marcchione, Ricardo Gallen, Oscar Ghilia

, Leo Brouwer, Costas Cotsiolis, Hubert Kaeppel, Andrew York, Roland Dyens , etc., and participated in several international guitar festival. Devoted to music education, he has taught at the Clara Schumann Music School. And system learning theory and playing jazz music, has a wealth of experience in teaching and playing jazz. Bastian Hildner simultaneously active in the German music scene. In 1998 the whole of Germany youth game played guitar first, he held a personal concert in the country. 1995-1998 Bavarian guitar orchestra members, and participate in many important European tour. 1999 European guitar orchestra members, under the command of the famous composer and guitarist Sergo Vicente led the European tour. Was the "24 strings" guitar quartet members, many concerts in Europe, but with a number of internationally renowned musicians to perform chamber music concerts, and follow Eliot Fisk, Andrew York, Los Angeles Guitar Quartet ( Los Angeles Guitar Quartet ) study chamber music. Bastian Hildner while extremely good at playing and teaching Latin styles of music. And he has served as head of the German group of South American music and Samba-Band Orchestra.

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