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China's top ten sound recordist

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Hiromi Digital Arts Teacher
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Graduate education and training and the situation:
July 1997 graduated from the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Art and Design Environment Bachelor.
June 2003 graduated from the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts art design, master;
September 1999 to July 2001 studied at Xiamen University Department of Journalism (ad) graduate master's degree in education classes, graduation.

The main work experience:
in January 1998 started working in the Japanese Pacific International Advertising Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Branch, art director;
April 1999 worked in Guangzhou surplus New Technology Trade Development Co., planning manager; 
September 2001 has taught at the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts Branch of new media design professional;
in October 2003 has been employed " international commercial artist (ICAD) "certification exam training courses teachers.
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