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  Stasiaczyk benoit
  The Harkins james
  Yan Miaomiao
  Xie Zehui
  Liu Tianshi
  Yi Chu
  Hildner Bastian
  Lin Chang
  Peng poetry
  Weide Bang
  Li Make
  Yan Ting
  Chen Qiang (External)
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China's top ten sound recordist

Visual artists in Japan,
Hiromi Digital Arts Teacher
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    Modern music department has reflected strong comprehensive strength, showing international pluralistic characteristics, in line with the needs of modern music education professional teachers team. My department is currently serving 12 professional teachers, including Sir Head of the Department, Mr. Benoit, as well as a number of foreign teachers from Metz, France National Academy of Music (Jazz their professional education enjoys a high prestige in Europe) from Germany, the United States and other elite . Existing teachers, five senior titles, 10 people with master's degree (or higher) educational background (including four overseas Conservatory double master's degree). On this basis, the other employs more than at home and abroad as a musician and part-time teachers visiting experts of our department, in order to further expand the content of teachers.

    In terms of the two most prominent teachers features of modern music department is "integrated" and "internationalization." It refers to teachers with comprehensive multi-disciplinary multi-disciplinary teaching ability. My department currently has the ability to not only a teacher who served in a variety of courses, while more than half of the teachers have the ability to play different professional direction of teaching, and thus better able to provide professional education diversified knowledge structure for students. At the same time through the introduction of different countries, foreign teachers to master the different characteristics of music education, to create diverse teaching system. Department of foreign teachers to present my characteristics, for example, is about the characteristics of rigorous scholarship in Germany, France, the characteristics of integrated scholarship, scholarship and the United States of inspiring features, are extremely distinctive integration into the existing teaching them. Making the overall education system reflects the richer content, and as much as possible to provide a more comprehensive type of knowledge and learning for students. While establishing and modern music masters at home and abroad extensive exchanges of teaching, the arts and other contact, the establishment of high-level, high-level customer-based platform as a teaching masters important auxiliary support. So with the world's advanced music education philosophy converge at the same time, and gradually built up in line with the characteristics of their own development, but also is more scientific and complete modern music teaching system.

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