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Latin Jazz strong wind landing hospital

2007 Nian 10 Yue . 11 ​​Ri Night . 7 : 00 , from Germany Saibaisidun . Schutte and his Latin jazz band held a special performance at the Xinghai Conservatory of Music Hall to watch for our students blowing a gust of strong wind Latin jazz. The show, jointly organized by the German Consulate General in Guangzhou Xinghai Conservatory of Music and Modern Music Department, KHS KHS, Guangzhou City Harmony Instrument Co., Lufthansa and Germany's Allianz insurance company and co.

Sebosidun . Schutte and his Latin jazz band Sebosidun . Schutte and his Latin jazz band member consists of five musicians:

Saibaisidun . Schutte Sebastian Schunke ( Berlin ) piano, composer


    Ao Liwei more . Castellano Olvido Ruiz Castellano ( Cuba ) Singer




    Luke Mill . Perez   Lukmil Perez ( Cuba / Paris ) drummer




    Michelle . Harveys Micheal Haves ( New York ) on bass



    S chunke jazz to Latin jazz and traditional music in Europe combined with a mix of traditional and modern music, its own style. Piano and composer Saibosidun . Schutte was born in 1973 , the 6 -year-old began studying classical piano, 12 -year-old came into contact with Latin jazz music. 1996 Nian 22 -year-old Shute first came to New York, where the fusion of many cultures is fascinated, and began to engage in the creation of their own music, his music from life, the conflicting, contradictory individuals on harmonious scenario. Familiar melody, rhythm and complex structures transparent and meticulous harmony together. He also continually adding musical elements in the works, including electronic music, vocals, strings and so on.

Sebastian Schunke Niuyuelading jazz music attracted the attention of the world, including John Benitez, Antonio Sanchez, Richie Flores and other musicians have greatly appreciated his work. Media comment: " blend of classical piano skills and Latin jazz melodies, creating a neat structure, but it feels natural, familiar with the new type of music ...... He is a wealth of skill writers, musicians, the audience gave warm applause. his work adds a lot of musical mix, including some special percussion instruments, make music more interesting, more personal, and attracted the audience to dance. "

Multi singer Ao Liwei was born in Cuba, he is one of Cuba's famous young singer. She combines traditional Cuban music and popular European music features, developed their own style of singing. She was a famous Cuban woman band "Azucar" one of the lead singer, but to follow many European jazz in Europe, the United States, Mexico and Cuba and other places to tour.

Ao Liwei and more full of magnetic voice, warm and charming performance at the band's guidance, the whole body seems to be singing, expressing emotions within the music, thousands of style is slowly sway notes prop.

   Live performances 1

Live performances 2

Cuban singer amorous

End of the show pictures


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