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Wang Zhen

Music producer, born in 1980, the current Guangzhou Jinan University College of the Arts Department of Music Teachers.

University of Leeds' music and computer music technology professional "and University of Edinburgh" Modern electronic music composition "Double Master. Instructors were: Professor Peter Nelson (Edinburgh Centre for Contemporary Art (ECAT) founders, Edinburgh University Music Department); Dr.Ewan Stefani (UK Music Centre for Scientific Research (ICSRiM) committee).

March 2001 in Changsha, held a "personal music and MIDI music concerts", but also as the first MIDI music concerts have been reported in Hunan Province, Hunan Satellite TV, Hunan TV live, and Hunan entertainment channel; April 2003 participation "Leeds international electronic Music Festival", the works selected for the "Leeds new Music works concert"; September 2003 in Greece organized the "electronic music concert"; October 2003 was invited to Edinburgh Bedlam Theatre stage plays music; May 2004 was invited to Thailand famous band "Kophai" cooperation, "Edinburgh multimedia multicultural Music Festival" to compose music; July 2004 was invited to London's famous theater company Hatgang Productions compose music; May 2006 employed as Beijing Normal University Zhuhai Campus "international Institute of media" teaching audio production; in October 2006, the work "a" and. "seek consultation," the highest in the domestic electronic music event "Beijing 2006 MusAcoustic international electronic Music competition" were awarded second prize and third prize; in April 2007 invited to "American independent film Festival" animated Short film competition "End" to compose music, this animated short film won the first prize in film festivals, and won the "2007 Youth Oscar" nomination .

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