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      Yang Zhen, China's top ten sound engineer, Hong Kong TVB television 2003 Golden List Best Producer Award 2005 Chinese Music Media Awards Best Recording Award. He graduated from the Beijing Broadcasting Institute (now Communication University of China) Recording Arts. Xinghai Concert Hall, Guangdong Province, the incumbent chief of audiovisual, sound engineer, sound engineer Chinese Association, Chinese Music Awards coal transfer judges.     So far all kinds of concerts recorded live on has more than a thousand field, involved in the production album than thirty Zhang, a large party involved in music recording ten games, such as celebration of Macao's return to the party, the Ninth National Games closing ceremony,

ยท People singing the same song in the new century - the Pearl River Cantata party people, the Guangzhou Symphony Orchestra of the Doha Asian Games opening ceremony, Guangdong Province, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the founding of the party and so on. At the same time, cooperation with the British BBC Radio BBC Scottish Symphony recording live sound engineer at the Xinghai Concert Hall, with the German DG company (Deutsche Gramophone Records) recording engineer at Xinghai Concert Hall Symphony Orchestra Macao Cooperation recording albums.     In the music recording technology award program quality appraisal by the previous State Administration of Radio and China Association of Recording Engineers held in honor, so far a total of four first prize, second prize of ten, three prize. October 2004 was "the best live recording Award" and "Newcomer Award" two awards at the Ministry of Culture, China Association of Recording Engineers and the Guangzhou Municipal People's Government organized the first "Asian voice" Recording Arts Festival, is the current artistic the only two awards on the festival's sound engineer. September 2006 at the second session of the "voice of Asia" festival again won "Best Live Recording Award", was awarded the "China Top Ten sound engineer" award (a total of six Top), it is to get that title so far the youngest recording engineer.

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