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Yan Ting

1995 graduated from the Communication University of China (formerly the Beijing Broadcasting Institute) Recording Arts, recording in professional and technical work for many years, have a solid theoretical foundation and rich practical experience.

Publication of "Chinese classical poetry song selection," "South Yue Yun", "Year of the Rat, Thousand Goddess of Mercy", "Chao Yun wind" and other CD, VCD audio and video products.

There are a number of recordings have won national and provincial awards, recordings, "peacock", "Guangdong music", "clarinet, percussion and piano" for 1998, 1999 and 2004 Annual National Radio and Television Administration, "music respectively recording technology program quality Award "second prize, third prize and the Guangdong Provincial Bureau of Radio, film and television recording technology quality award. Based on this knowledge base, several members of the Group as Sun Yat-sen equipment bidding committee.

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