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Xie Zehui

Associate Professor, Department of Modern Music Xinghai Conservatory of Music, Central Conservatory of Music Master. Chinese Musicians Association, "music" magazine contributing editor Guangdong Liaison Office.

He has worked in Hunan Normal University Department of Music, Wuhan Conservatory of Music Composition Department, the Central Conservatory of Music to learn, with the Lu Song, Chen Guo-Quan, Yan sake, Liukang Hua, Yang Ru Huai, Liu, Guo Weiguo other professors studied composition and Composition Theory. In 2000 he admitted to the Central Conservatory of Music graduate classes, under the tutelage of Professor Su Yin, 2003 by the Central Conservatory of Music Polyphonic master's degree in September 2003 into the work Xinghai Conservatory of Music, in December 2006 promoted to associate professor, mainly engaged in teaching composition and theory of composition techniques.

Professional accomplishments:
music: all kinds of musical works published more than 20 first, many times by the provincial music awards. 1995 work "tears of the moon" by the Hunan Provincial Department of Culture "Star Award" Composer award, in December 2001 national instrumental "Fu" eligible US Tenth "Wings Award" International National Instrumental Composition Competition Award of Excellence. In the "music" and other publications published works more than (first). His main works are: vocal triple fugue "Yellow Crane Tower," String Quartet "four - part fugue," piano "cottage", "three-part double fugue" ethnic instrumental music of "Fu" and so on.

Academic fields:
for the seventeenth century English composer Henry Purcell polyphonic works for a more detailed study, to fill the domestic research in this field blank, and in the domestic music journals published ten, in the preparation of teaching materials 1 this. Are:
paper, "Henry Purcell musical theater fixed bass Polyphonic Variation principle" in June 2002 by the Central Conservatory essay contest prize, and published in core music journals "Chinese Music" 2003 2 period;
paper "Henry Purcell play music Fugue principles" published in the journal Music core "yellow bell" in 2004 (4):
paper "<圣塞西利亚holiday carols> Study" published in "Xinghai Conservatory of Music Journal "2005 the second period;
paper" on the Canon imitating the opera <Dido and Aeneas duo Arias> the use of "published in" Music Education and creation "2006 7
article" Henry Purcell keyboard suite of "" Music Education and creation, "published in 2006 8
High school Art textbook" emotional performance of music "(and Huang Hong, Deng Xi Road, is co-author) was in July 2004 in Guangdong Education Publishing House.

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